Upper mustang 16 days

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Upper mustang is a religious trek of Nepal. It is enlisted in a restricted area as it touches the border of Tibet. Mustang is very popular for its geographical structures and it is the only place which is called desert of Nepal.This trek starts from the altitude of 2700m  and it leads up to 3840m high above the  sea level.

This trek is ideal for exploring the pristine and typical villages , thousand years old monateries,  religious palces, caves , river kaligandaki and cultures and festivals of local peoples.

Trip Itineraries

Day 1 - Kathmandu to Pokhara by tourist bus 6 -8 hours.

First day of the trip we will start our journey early morning. The duration to Pokhara from Kathmandu by bus is 200km. it will take around 6/8 hrs but it depends upon the roadways. During the way we will see some beautiful villages, trisuli river and some massif langtang,manasalu and Annapurna mountains. We will have a lunch on the way and continue for Pokhara. After few hours of drive we will reach to Pokhara. overnight at hotel near to lakeside.

Some Information

Distance : 200 km
Time : 360 min
Altitude Gain : -650 m
Duration : 6 -7 hrs

Day 2 - Pokhara to Jomsom(2720m) by plane (20 min) and same day trek till Kagbeni (2810m)3hrs

early morning flights are important as the weather does not always remain constant  in the mountains. after reaching Jomsom, we will start our trek to Kagbeni. On the way we will have a spectacular views of high hills and mountains like Mt Dhaulagiri 8160m and  nilgiri 7061m . it will take about 2 hours to reach  Kagbeni from Jomsom. Kagbeni is small but a beautiful mustang village.  Monasteries, ancient houses are the major attraction of this village. Overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 68 km by scenic flight trek 10km
Time : 300 min
Altitude Gain : 2010 m
Duration : 4-5 hrs

Day 3 - Kagbeni to Chele(3050m) 6-7 hrs of walk

After crossing Kagbeni village  we will enter  to upper mustang valley. today mostly we will be walking along the kaligandaki river. After passing through different uphill’s and downhill’s, we  will arrive to  Tangbe village. We will see agricultural fields of different plants like wheat ,barley, apple and buckwheat  when reaching this village. Walking further through unique landscapes and beautiful villages, we will arrive to Chuksang, a beautiful village just beside the Kali Gandaki River. . After arriving in Chhuksang, we will cross a river and walk towards Chele. Chele is a medium sized village.  Overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 9 km
Time : 420 min
Altitude Gain : 240 m
Duration : 6-7 hrs

Day 4 - Chele to Syangboche(3880m) 6-7hrs

we will start our journey early morning as usual . today’s  trail that we pass is mostly uphill but with a very nice view of the Mt Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri. We need to do a small pass (takam la) which is around 3625m. After the pass we will reach to Samar village. After samar we will descend to the village Syangboche. A small village with deserting landscapes of plain hills. Overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 12 km
Time : 420 min
Altitude Gain : 830 m
Duration : 6-7 hrs

Day 5 - Syangboche to Ghemi (3520m)5 hours

From syangboche to ghemi  its a quite challenging day as we will be mostly going  upward. we will pass by Tamag gaon,Jaite, before passing  a ni la pass (4050m). From ni la pass we will have the nice view of mustang, Annapurna and nilgiri mountains. after ni la we will descend and start to climb for ghemi la (3765m). After ghemi la we will descend  till ghemi. ghemi is a beautiful village with  traditional houses and beautiful monasteries.  Overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 9.3 km
Time : 300 min
Altitude Gain : +170 m (ghemi la) - 360 m ghemi
Duration : 5

Day 6 - Ghemi to Charang (3560m) 4-5 hours

 After crossing Ghemi Khola, the trail ascends on a plateau and passes a very long Mani wall - a sacred stone wall made by the followers of Buddhism.  There are two ways to go charang but we will take the upper way to visit ghar gumba. A very old monastery of this village. After visiting ghar gomba we will descend to Charang.  Charang is a beautiful and traditional village. Pepople living here are known as gurung  people but their culture, language are very much similar to tibetain peple.  Monasteries,village and old winter palace of former king ,  gompa of gelup sect which is about 400 years old are the major attraction of this village. Overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 9 km
Time : 300 min
Altitude Gain : +40 m
Duration : 4-5 hrs

Day 7 - Charang to Lo-Manthang (3810m) 3-4hrs

The duration of todays walk is around  4-5 hours.  today the trial leads to the open plateau  through the mani walls . we will be also walking through hills, but not as hard as the other days. we will pass by sungda chhorten (small stupa). Form sungda chorten the trial leads to the wide areas and just a little climb before arriving to the village lomanthang.  .  lomanthang is the biggest village of upper mustang. this village is in the middle of hills, they have beautiful monasteries, traditional houses, palace of the late king.  The total population  of this village is 200-300 . overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 6 km
Time : 240 min
Altitude Gain : 250 m
Duration : 4 hrs

Day 8 - Hike to Chosser village(3600m) and back to Lomanthang 5 hours

Today early morning we will walk till Choser village and return to lomanthang .its 6 hrs of walk. We can take horse or jeep till Choser to visit. Choser is a village to visit. There are numbers of caves where we can visit. Those caves were used by old ancestors for their accommodation. Not only caves its popular for the monastery and the typical village. After visiting we will head back to lomanthang .Overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 10 km
Time : 360 min
Altitude Gain : -150 m
Duration : 6 hrs

Day 9 - Lomanthang to Yara village (3607m) 6 hrs

to reach yara village from lomanthang it will  take around six hours. We have a small pass to do which is in the altitude of 3950m.. After the pass we will mostly descend till Dhi village. The trial is little steep while descending because of the rocks. After arriving to  Dhi village we will start to climb till yara village. Yara is an unique and a beautiful village of upper mustang. The houses are very typical, people living here are of  gurung ethnics .overnight at local lodge.

Some Information

Distance : 16.6 km
Time : 360 min
Altitude Gain : -203 m
Duration : 6 hrs

Day 10 - Hike to explore luri gompa(4150m) 6 hrs

So today we will be exploring the luri gompa. It’s an exceptional as it is made in high hill cliff. The outer surface of monastery is painted by red colour.. It was built in 14th century . it’s  about 3.5 km from the village of Yara. to get there we will walk right next to puyung khola.  After the hike we will return to yara via the village ghara. Overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 6 km
Time : 360 min
Altitude Gain : +547 m
Duration : 6 hrs

Day 11 - Yara to Tangye (3240m) 6h30m hrs

The total duration of  todays walk is 6 hrs. from yara  we will start to descend but later we will be mostly walking through the side of  kaligandaki river. on this day there will be a high chance of finding saligrams (fossils). After walking few hrs through the kaligandki river we will reach to tangbe village. It’s a old village , with very old chhortens. Overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 12 km
Time : 360-420 min
Altitude Gain : -367m
Duration : 6-7 hrs

Day 12 - Tangbe to Tetang(3050m) via pa kharka (4060m) 7 hrs

Since the beginning of the day we will start to climb to the up hill.As there are no lodges on the way, we will be doing short picnic. after few hours of walking we will arrive at pa kharka (4060m) where we will have our lunch. from there we will climb a little but not long before reaching chao la (4060m). and we will descend to the village tetang with the magnificent views of hills, mountains and villages like chuksang and others. we will take about 7-8 hours of walking . overnight at local village.

Some Information

Distance : 10 km
Time : 420-480 min
Altitude Gain : +chao la 820 m -190m tetang
Duration : 7-8 hrs

Day 13 - Tetang to Muktinath (3750m) 6hrs

Start our day as usual early in the morning. We will be walking on the side of kaligandaki river  with exceptional views of hiigh hills. After few hours of walking we will pass through gyu la pass which around 4077m. it’s a beautiful spot for the views of Annapurna mountains, nilgiri ,Dhaulagiri and tukuche peak. After gyu la we will enter  chhongkar village, from chhongkar village we will head to Muktinath . Muktinath is a quite a big  village . there is a sacred temple of hindus which is called muktinath, mukti means to be free from the bad things they have done in their past. and nath means the god, lord or protector or we can say shiva the god of the Hindus.

Overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 10 km
Time : 360 min
Altitude Gain : +1027 m gyu la +700 m muktinath
Duration : 6 hrs

Day 14 - Muktinath to Jomsom(2720m) 4-5 hrs

early morning before breakfast we will go to visit Muktinath temple and lord Buddha statue and a old monastery .its 10 min walk from hotel .  after that we will be back to hotel for breakfast and walk till  Jomsom for  about 4-5 hours. during the way we  will pass through some beautiful villages like jharkot, kinga,  and the villages on the other side of river  dzong. On  the way we will always have the view of  mount Dhaulagiri, nilgiri, tilicho, manathapla and others. Jomsom is the headquarters of mustang district.  Overnight at local lodge

Some Information

Distance : 10 km
Time : 240-300 min
Altitude Gain : -1030 m
Duration : 4-5 hrs

Day 15 - Jomsom to Pokhara 800m by bus 8-9 hours

early  morning after breakfast we will take the bus to pokhara. It will take around 8-9 hrs but it depend upon the situation. on a way we will pass  through some beautiful villages like, Marpha, Tukuche, Lete and Tatopani.

Pokhara is the beautiful city and a city for must visit, with lakes, museum , stupas and more. overnight at pokhara hotel

Some Information

Distance : 158.5 km
Time : 540 min
Altitude Gain : -1920 m
Duration : 8-9 hrs

Day 16 - Pokhara to Kathmandu by bus 6-7

after  15 days of trek we will return to Kathmandu by bus. It will take around 6-7 . During the way we will have last view of Annapurna mountains .Overnight at Kathmandu hotel

Some Information

Distance : 200 km
Time : 360-420 min
Altitude Gain : 650 m
Duration : 6-7 hrs

Trip Info


Our team will be waiting with your name on a paper board to welcome you at Tribhuvan International Airport. And help you to drop at your hotel by private vehicles.

Following day

Discuss and brief about the trek and verify all your trekking equipment’s

to ensure you have all the important gears. And will help you to buy the missing gears.

How many kg Maximum for porter?

W provide 1 porter for two clients. so,the maximum weight is 8-10 kg per person.

We provide duffle bags for each member to carry during the trek as duffle bags are easy to transfer.

First Aid kit

We carry normal stuffs like bandages, creams and paracetamols but we don't provide any medicines to our guest as we are not licensed. We provide just normal first aid kit and  request you to carry all your personal medicines.

Emergency Rescue

We request all our clients to bring or send us your travel insurance papers for the emergency evacuations. We help to provide the quick helicopter service if anything occur during the trek.


This Package dosesn’t include Kathmandu meals and soft beverages like tea and coffee.

During the trip 

we provide three time meals every day(breakfast, lunch and dinner)

soft beverages like tea/coffee/hot lemon/ginger tea 3-4 cups a day.

 fruit desserts and soups every day.  

And if you wants to take extra foods and drinks than its on you. It doesn’t include in package.




This package doesn’t include Kathmandu Hotels but If you want us to manage at Kathmandu than we do manage hotels as per your demand.

During the trip every day you will be sleeping inside the good and furnished hotels. Rooms might not be same when you trek in higher altitude. But our guides will manage better one for you.


This package doesn’t include the transportation service inside Kathmandu valley except airport pick up and drop up.

We will use comfortable and deluxe tourist bus for both ways Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu.

from pokhara we will have a scenic flight to Jomsom. the duration of flight is 15-20 min.

on a return from jomsom we will take a local bus for pokhara. it will taje around 8-10 hrs but with beautiful view of mustang villages and kali gandaki.



                                                  Thank you         Namaste

Trip Included

Breakfast and  lunch for 16 days and dinner for 15 days

Accommodation for 15 days during trekking  including 2 nights in Pokhara

Transportation  i.e Kathmandu-pokhara, Jomsom to Pokhara, Pokhara to Kathmandu  by bus

Pokhara to Jomsom by scenic flight (15 mins)

Special permit for 13 days  in upper mustang

Annapurna conservation area project fee

Tourism information management(TIMS) system fee

All the staffs insurance

Meals for the staffs and their transportation service

Management of helicopter for the evacuation or rescue of clients  incase of health problems funded by your tavel insurance.

Insurance of all the trekking staffs

Airport drop pick up

Trekking guide guide with good experience

Trip Excluded

Foods and accommodation of Kathmandu

Additional foods and drinks during the trip

Travel insurance of clients

Visa fee

Toiletries material like, toilet paper, shampoo, soaps

Wifi service during trek

Hot shower

Beverages like beer, rum , mineral waters, hot water, juice.

Tips for the guide, porter and Sherpa

Additional days foods and accommodation during the trip incase of blockage of roads or weather

All the services that are not mention above


Trip Equipments

Trekking bag

Trekking shoes (gortex)

Wind and water proof jackets

Sleeping bags

Sun glasses

Sun cream

Down jackets



Head lights

Water bottles